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Ordbit is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the Bitcoin network, enabling creators, developers, and artists to unlock new avenues for growth and expression.

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Built on top of the OG Disruption - Bitcoin

Picture this: a world where Bitcoin isn't just digital gold, but a playground of endless innovation, creativity, and community interaction.

At Ordbit, our mission is to empower the limitless potential of Bitcoin by providing groundbreaking infrastructure and innovative solutions. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the Bitcoin network, enabling creators, developers, and artists to unlock new avenues for growth and expression. By bridging technology and creativity, we strive to reshape the landscape of the digital economy and lead the way in realizing the full capabilities of Bitcoin.


Apps & services, and growing.


Digital assets under management.

Why the Bitcoin blockchain

The Bitcoin blockchain has established itself as the pioneer and gold standard of decentralized financial systems.

The interchain is essentially a new internet, comprised of an extended network of interconnected blockchains.


Since its inception in 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain has operated without significant disruption. It has withstood numerous challenges, from regulatory pressures to market fluctuations, proving its resilience. This consistency establishes Bitcoin as a reliable platform, encouraging more users and investors to trust and adopt it.

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The Bitcoin blockchain is secured by a decentralized network of miners who validate and record transactions. The proof-of-work consensus mechanism makes it computationally challenging and expensive to alter any transaction, thus making it highly resistant to hacking and fraudulent activities. Its cryptographic foundation further fortifies its defense against external threats.

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Over the years, a rich ecosystem has developed around Bitcoin, encompassing not just miners, but developers, businesses, exchanges, wallets, and more. This mature ecosystem ensures that users have access to a range of services and tools, making Bitcoin not just a cryptocurrency but an expansive financial system.

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The global Bitcoin community is robust and dedicated. It consists of enthusiasts, developers, activists, and investors who believe in the principles of decentralization and financial sovereignty. This community drives innovation, fosters education, and champions adoption, ensuring the continual growth and relevance of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Our Solutions

In Bitcoin we trust.

Championing a decentralized financial future, Bitcoin emerges as the beacon of trust. Transcending traditional financial systems, it embodies the vision of a peer-to-peer economy.

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The Ordbit Ecosystem

This is just the beginning

Upcoming DeFi Use Cases: The Future Beckons

Hold on tight, because we're diving into the exciting world of DeFi! Ordbit is working on groundbreaking DeFi use cases using Ordinals, Lightning, and BTC. Stay tuned for smart solutions that will reshape the way you interact with the digital economy.
the ultimate platform for creators, builders, and visionaries

Ordbit Launch: Elevate Your Projects.

Support for 5+ Ordinals Protocols (including Recursive, BRC20, BRC721, ORC 20, and even Cursed), T+1 settlements, easy listing on other marketplaces, tiered mints, and a utility checker, we're making launching on Bitcoin smarter, faster, and more successful than ever before.
Minting 2.0

Embedded Minting: Your Bitcoin, Your Way

Host mints on your own website, complete with white-labelled inscription and launch systems. On-chain analytics that give you insights like never before. Your Bitcoin journey, your rules.

Indexers: Custom Solutions for Bitcoin

Need something tailored to your specific needs? Our experts have developed and deployed the frens protocol, introducing SBTs on chain and an on-chain social graph. Let us help you build the Bitcoin ecosystem you've been dreaming of.
Tendermint Core
Cosmos SDK
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Artist Program: Where Art Meets Blockchain

Cosmos SDK is a state-of-the-art blockchain framework that powers the Cosmos Hub and its rapidly expanding orbit of sovereign chains.

Calling all artists! Ordbit's Artist Program is your ticket to showcasing your creativity on the blockchain. We handle the nitty-gritty, from inscriptions to sales, so you can focus on what you do best – creating awe-inspiring art. Join us in revolutionizing the art world, one block at a time.

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lower carbon footprint

Blockchain tech that truly scales.
Low fees


Enjoy the lowest fees – almost zero.
Fast transactions

7 sec

Transactions confirmed in seconds.
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What will you build?

Developers in Cosmos are the pioneers of the new era of blockchain technology. Join a fast-growing token economy and build upon a secure and stable foundation.

Decentralized Finance Applications

Create exchanges and marketplaces that allow anyone around the world to buy, trade, invest, and lend – even without a bank account.

Resilient, autonomous organizations

Empower your community to organize and allocate resources to its members. Vote on impactful governance decisions.

Game economies, owned by players

Create in-game assets that are available forever. Bring lasting value to gamers by letting them take their loot to another game or into the real world.


Get a grant to build.

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Build a chain in minutes.

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Meet the Team

Whether you’re a developer, token holder, or new to it all, there’s a place for everyone in Cosmos.



Read the vision of Cosmos and learn about the powerful blockchain technology that makes it possible.

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ATOM Secures and governs the Cosmos Hub, the first blockchain in the Cosmos Network.



ATOM Secures and governs the Cosmos Hub, the first blockchain in the Cosmos Network.

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Browse the ever-expanding, diverse collection of apps, services, and tools built on Cosmos to date.

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